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                                 ENSDT, dynamic spatial IQ Test                                  

 ENSDT 2.0: ENSDT 20 (multiple choice IQ test for the high range)

"Take a look in the IQ tests future!"


ENSDT Prototype, by Marco Ripà

ENSDT Untimed

ENSDT Prototype is accepted by sPIqr too:
- Prospective Membership: 18/31
- Full Membership: 23.5/31

ENSDT Timed Edition 2014

1) T. P.
2) sPIqr full member, Nicolò Pezzuti
3) sPIqr full member, Eric Salinas
4) sPIqr full member, Filippo de Donatis
5) A. E. H.
6) M. G.

X-Test, no longer in use!

You can read the complete X-Test Solutions on my personal blog: X-Test Solutions Here!

Here you can find the second norm of the X-Test, based on 40+ first submissions: http://www.box.net/shared/hki33xb9qy

X-Test Contest 2011

Raw scores at or above 31/46: Nikolai von Boetticher, Stanislav Riha

Raw scores at or above 12/21 ( part 3 + part 4): Nikolai von Boetticher

Highest score (part 3): Stanislav Riha (3.67/6)

Highest score (part 4): Nikolai von Boetticher (10.58/15)

Highest score (part 3 + part 4): Nikolai von Boetticher (14.08/21)

X-Test Contest champion: Nikolai von Boetticher (raw 35.50/46)